Personal Astrology

Natal Chart
Your Cosmic Composition

Natal Chart Mapping

Explore your Cosmic Composition with an expert natal chart mapping. A natal chart is a portrait of you translated through the stars, and holds key information about your personality, the way you express yourself, the relationships you forge, and the journey make through life.
Using your precise birth time*, place, and date, we’ll translate the secret messages of your inner universe and arm you with information to tap your highest potential.
WHO IS THIS FOR? Astrology newbies, anyone looking to understand themselves on a deeper level, unravel karmic cycles, explore purpose and meaning on a higher plane, and step into their full power.
WHEN BOOKING please provide your exact date, place, and time of birth (*if you do not know your exact birth time, please note this at booking so we can plan a little extra time to rectify your chart). All appointments are conducted via Zoom unless otherwise requested.
Progressive Growth Mapping
Where You Are, Where You're Headed

Progressive Growth Mapping

Oh, how you’ve grown! Your Natal chart is just the beginning, as time goes Want better clarity on a current or near-future situation?
The beauty of evolutionary astrology is that it grows with you. If you’re on a path of spiritual growth or feel that it’s time to introduce new energy into your life, your progressed chart could hold powerful insight.
Together, we’ll look at your evolution and formulate a plan for continued success and personal power using your progressed planets and key points on your unique chart.
WHO IS THIS FOR? Anyone who is familiar with their cosmic composition and on a journey of transformation and healing, spiritual entrepreneurs, phoenixes on the rise, and master manifesters. PLEASE NOTE: Progressions require your exact date, place, and time of birth. Please note your natal data at booking. All appointments are conducted over Zoom unless otherwise requested, so please include your contact info upon booking.
Transit Astrology
Topical & Timely Analysis

Layered Astrology
(aka Transits)

Need guidance about a big life changing decision? Wondering whether it’s a good time to move on a new project?
Layered Astrology, aka Transits, are a personalized horoscope cast for a specific window of time.
Together, we’ll go through the energies affecting you right now and create a plan to capitalize on growth and evolution so you can meet the Universe head on.
WHO IS THIS FOR? Returning clients already familiar with their natal charts, anyone looking into a specific date (past, present, or future), avid planners, and proactive wisdom-seekers
PLEASE NOTE: Transit reports can be done for any date, past, present, or future. Please specify when booking.

Expert Tarot Consultation

Tarot Readings

Need quick insight on a situation? Or want to know what energies you’re currently surrounded with?

Using the rich lexicon of symbolism provided by the Tarot, Fairlie uses
her vast knowledge and experience to offer unique insight and new
perspectives on situations and events in your life.
Whether you have a specific question or just want to explore the
energies that surround you, tarot readings open a dialogue between you and the universe to help gain understanding of the steps ahead.
For quick answers and clarity on a situation or current energies:
If you have many questions, or would like a deeper and broader understanding on one or more situations: Choose 60 or 90 Minutes

Partnership & Family

Love & Compatibility Synastry

Love & Compatibility

Relationships are just as unique as the individuals involved: Synastry paints a colorful portrait of your relationship and the way you work best together. By combining the natal information of two people, we can discover the strengths and challenges within the relationship as well as the lessons each individual teaches the other. Together, we’ll create a cosmic playbook for ease of expression, conflict resolution, and greater understanding between you and your partner. While this report is usually generated for couples, it can be used to read relationships between any two individuals.
WHO IS THIS FOR: Lovers new and old, business partners, best friends, curious exes, and anyone looking to learn from, through, and with their relationships.
This report is created using the unique birth date, place, and time* of two individuals. Please provide this information upon booking.
 *if you do not know your exact birth time, please note this at booking so we can plan a little extra time to rectify your chart.
Family Alignment
Provide A Positive Spiritual Dynasty

Family Synastry & Alignment


Business Coaching & Partnerships
Aspire and Achieve

Business Coaching & Partnership Astrology


Frequently Asked Questions

Astrology is a powerful system for personal understanding which uses the stars as symbols for your life and potential. Originally discovered by ancient people as a means of navigating the world and timing vital activities, astrology is used to understand, navigate and grow your personal possibilities and calculate windows of unique opportunity in your life.
Systems of divination (like Astrology and Tarot) work best as a conversation between you and a spiritual professional to uncover and explore additional insight and possibilities in your life. You have ultimate control over your destiny as every decision you make can change the trajectory of your future.
Life is very complex, so for those serious about personal growth and greater life fulfillment, we remove judgement words wherever possible.
Words like “good” and “bad” are best replaced by “strengths” and “challenges” and represent a full picture of how we improve, achieve and prevail.
If there are any topics you’d prefer not to discuss, please feel free to let me know before our meeting.
Astrology uses your own unique cosmic composition, known as a Natal Chart, to give insight on your natural tendencies and traits. A  knowledgeable astrologer can decipher and offer methods of personal improvement and growth. If you’ve never had any astrological consultations, start with your Natal Chart.
Once you’re familiar with your natal chart, Progressions explore growth you’ve achieved from the time of your birth to today. 
Think of it as “Where am I now and where am I going?”
Layered Astrology (aka Transits) are used to explore windows specific of time and opportunity.  
Synastry uses astrology to explore the ways two or more individuals might affect one another. Whether these are individuals in a romantic partnership or four individuals in a family unit, synastry highlights the way people lift each other up and challenge each other along the way using their own personal stars as a guide.
Finally, Tarot is a system of archetypal energies and deep, historic symbolism best applied to immediate situations to uncover additional perspectives and explore all potential outcomes in order to give you confidence on the path ahead.
While Zoom is currently preferred, Skype, Google Meet, Facetime, or a phone call are easy options. In-Person consultations my also be arranged under certain circumstances.
If you don’t know your birth time we still have options! Before our meeting, you and I will go over a few questions to narrow the possibilities and make sure your chart is the most accurate portrait of you possible.

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