Hello, world!
It’s…weird…to be back in the blogosphere, but these are weird times. In the Age of Social Distancing and Finding the New Normal, we end up going in directions we never really thought we would explore. When I sat down to look at the astrology of 2020 last year, I knew it was going to be big: we were approaching the first Saturn Pluto conjunction in over 30 years (and the first in Capricorn in several hundreds), we’d see conjunctions between Jupiter and Pluto several times over the span of the year, Saturn’s ingress into Aquarius, the Nodal axis shift, a full set of retrogrades… and yet, I hesitated to make any serious predictions. I didn’t want to be “That Astrologer,” the one who speculates on mundane events and whips people into a frenzy of anxiety and dread. I took a very New Age approach and tried to focus on the positive, encouraging people to “find their power” and “take control of their resources.” But then 2020 started. And oh, did it start. It seemed like everyone I knew–clients, friends, family, acquaintances–had incredibly traumatic developments from the get-go. People lost loved ones, often fathers and mentors. For a while I was terrified my own life would mirror this as my dad was hospitalized for a week in February. And just when the Saturn Pluto madness started to clear, the entire world was thrown into the midst of pandemic panic. So I went back to my ephemeris. I combed through the charts, looked at historical events and transits, and I realized…I should have been That Astrologer.  I firmly believe that astrology is an incredible tool for personal development. But personal development goes way beyond “love and light” new age affirmation. It’s more than soft words and encouragement. When I look at a chart, the first thing I look for is the most challenging aspect. I want to see the hardest opposition, the most agitating square, the Yod completely covered in karmic gunk–that’s not because I focus on the negative. It’s totally the opposite: these challenging aspects are our strongest points of growth. When I see a chart that’s covered in beneficial aspects, it usually comes with a good deal of stagnation. If everything is going great, why bother trying anything new? And in my practice, astrology is a tool for evolution. It’s a compass to point us in the direction of our soul’s greatest growth. Challenge is how we grow. It makes us stronger. It helps us evolve. So why wouldn’t I focus on these challenges in the world around us? Why wouldn’t I be That Astrologer?   Assuming that role was a challenge of my own: I’ve got a natal 12th House Leo with Lilith breathing down the neck of my Vesta, and a Gemini Chiron on my Midheaven that just won’t quit. But I’m finally prepared to meet it head on. Astrology is my second language, and as the North Node moves into Gemini, I’m ready to accept my place and translate these messages for you with all of the tact and rationale of my heavily Mercurial chart. Turns out, I am That Astrologer. And I’ve got big plans for this place. This week, just ahead of Pluto’s annual retrograde, I released my first ever workbook. It was a massive labor of love that spiraled from a quick product idea for friends to a full-on deep dive through esoteric symbolism and serious astrological theory. What resulted was a 22 page fully interactive PDF workbook in plain English to help you navigate all of 2020’s trickiest remaining transits. And I’m not stopping there. In the next few weeks, I plan on applying the same process to an examination of some of astrology’s lesser-known indicators and specific chart placements to help you find your path. We’ll be talking about mythology, history, philosophy, math, psychology, magick…everything that makes astrology the incredible resource that it is. And I hope you’ll join me. I’ve been asked so often lately what areas to lean into, where to look for the unique help you have to give and need to receive. Trust me, I feel you. And I’m working on it. These are strange times, and they’re probably only going to get stranger if our outer planets are any indication–Uranus is in Taurus for the next six years, shaking our foundations like an earthquake, Saturn will dance back and forth over the Aquarius line, dangling the carrot of New Normal until December, Pluto is nearing the end of its tour through Capricorn, smashing economic stability and career tracks like Godzilla. Major player planets are undergoing massive shifts in energy. We’ve got a lot to adjust to. But I’ll be here through all of it, trying my best to explain to you what we’re looking at and how to make the best of it. (Trust me, I’m a Sagittarius–I know how to find a silver lining on even the harshest truth.)

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