October 25, 2021 |

Scorpio Associations

Scorpio falls roughly between October 23rd and November 21st, depending on the sun’s exact movements. It’s the sign of Fixed Water, deeply probing the subconscious mind and the depths of human emotion. Although most commonly depicted as the scorpion,...

October 1, 2020 |

Justice and the Emperor: Exploring the Libra Aries Opposition through Tarot

Astrology and tarot share a long and rich association. Nearly every tarot scholar has tied the two systems together, tweezing details from astrological theory to inform tarot symbolism and use. It’s easy to see astrology as a black and...

June 29, 2020 |

The Whole Picture: a Case Against Clickbait Astrology

I started to see this meme pop up over the last few weeks. I gave it the benefit of the doubt, assuming someone had done some research before posting it, and simply tried to emphasize that this is an...

May 29, 2020 |

Medusa: Protectress of Secrets and Hidden Trauma

Over the last few months, I’ve felt a strange pull towards asteroids. I’ve read their names over and over again, looked at the ephemera, combed through their placements in my own chart and the charts of others. The absence...

April 29, 2020 |

The War For Weirdness: Why Uranus Doesn’t Deserve Aquarius | Astromythology Vol. 1

Human beings learn best through narrative. We remember best through narrative as well, and creating stories around the systems in our lives helps us remember all the moving parts. Astrology is no different. It comes with a wealth of...

April 24, 2020 |

Why I Didn’t Want to be “That Astrologer,” and Why I Actually Totally Am

I firmly believe that astrology is an incredible tool for personal development. But personal development goes way beyond "love and light" new age affirmation. It's more than soft words and encouragement. When I look at a chart, the first...

Current Transits

Sun 14° Sagittarius 16' 46"
Moon 24° Taurus 47' 06"
Mercury 29° Sagittarius 17' 21"
Venus 25° Sagittarius 20' 19"
Mars 16° Gemini 47' 10" R
Jupiter 29° Pisces 04' 06"
Saturn 20° Aquarius 12' 58"
Uranus 15° Taurus 50' 48" R
Neptune 22° Pisces 38' 48"
Pluto 26° Capricorn 55' 00"
Chiron 12° Aries 04' 02" R
TrueNode 13° Taurus 14' 17" R