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Why I Didn’t Want to be “That Astrologer,” and Why I Actually Totally Am

I firmly believe that astrology is an incredible tool for personal development. But personal development goes way beyond “love and light” new age affirmation. It’s more than soft words and encouragement. When I look at a chart, the first thing I look for is the most challenging aspect. I want to see the hardest opposition, the most agitating square, the Yod completely covered in karmic gunk–that’s not because I focus on the negative. It’s totally the opposite: these challenging aspects are our strongest points of growth. When I see a chart that’s covered in beneficial aspects, it usually comes with a good deal of stagnation. If everything is going great, why bother trying anything new? And in my practice, astrology is a tool for evolution. It’s a compass to point us in the direction of our soul’s greatest growth. Challenge is how we grow. It makes us stronger. It helps us evolve. So why wouldn’t I focus on these challenges in the world around us?

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